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We are going to open up new opportunities within the German label for the D-Nox & Beckers Masterclass’ students, who from now on will have a special space for sending tracks to Sprout Music.

That is, you’ll be able to submit your song in an exclusive way to be analyzed and possibly released by D-Nox’s label.




In the 2.0 version of the masterclass, the masters D-Nox & Beckers delve even deeper into mixing and vocal. They produced two new modules and 9 classes already recorded and edited. They sum up to 3 hours of new content that will professionalize your musical production and give that touch of originality that you are looking for in your music.



To give you more peace of mind about your investment, we will give you an unconditional 7-day guarantee to test the course. If you don’t like the content or the platform, we will refund you 100% of your money. In other words, it is a guaranteed purchase, nothing can not go wrong and we assume all the risk.



The MasterClass D-Nox and Beckers is a 100% online course and is hosted on a specialized distance learning platform. When you enroll, you have immediate access to all content that is already recorded and edited. 


Therefore, you can view and review the classes wherever you are and whenever you want. Even offline, just like Netflix and Spotify.


The support classes to answer questions will be held live on zoom and will later be edited, subtitled, and published on the platform for you to view and review as many times as you want.

The 2.0 version of the D-Nox & Beckers masterclass is back more complete with around 3.5 hours of new content distributed in two new modules where you will learn in detail all the steps to create your own music with the quality of the great artists and with your identity, regardless of the daw or genre you produce.


The duo, who carry more than 20 years of experience and countless awards around the globe, will also share their views on the music business, inspiration, and authenticity, among other music-related topics, that will truly raise your musical and professional level.


The contents are:

- Music Analysis & Inspiration

- Music Business

- Ableton Preparations

- Production: Start To Finish

- Arrangement

- Mastering

- VST Synth we use


New modules:

- Mixing

- Vocals

If you are a beginner, I would like to say that there is no better way to introduce yourself to the world of electronic music than to learn from someone who had expressive results in their career!


Besides, the D-Nox & Beckers MasterClass teaches you in detail all the steps for you to create your own music from absolute zero. Regardless of the genre you produce or would like to produce, if you don't want to be just another DJ out there who does more of the same and want your music to have something special, to have the identity and the quality to be accepted in any of the great labels that exist around the world, this course is for you.


Therefore, it does not matter if you are just starting out or if you already have advanced knowledge in music production, it doesn't matter if you have a big studio or just a cell phone headset, as one of the objectives of the course is to expand your knowledge of the best techniques and concepts to raise the level of your production in all aspects, helping you to put yourself on the radar of the world's leading electronic music record labels and festivals, even if you're just starting out.

The students of the MasterClass will have special assistance direct with D-Nox & Beckers, and for this, we will have 2 forms of student support.


1) The second way will be through comments on the platform, which works like this: you can ask all your questions directly on the course platform by commenting under each class, and your questions will be periodically answered.


2) You will have access to the official student support email, where you can ask more specific questions or report problems with the platform.


You will also have access to the MasterClass exclusive channel on Telegram with D-Nox & Beckers, where we will send you the extra activities of the course, the link to send us your tracks, and more. 


Our desire is to see the success of our students, that's why we want to closely follow the evolution of each one of you so we can really help you become desired by major labels and festivals around the world.

We have a chat room in the lower right corner of the enrollment checkout, where you can talk directly to our sales team and get all your questions answered before you enroll.


Having the opportunity to learn from, receive feedback and ask questions to the biggest and most experienced names in the house/techno scene, sign new releases, put on the radar of one of the most important record labels of the genre, join a global community of producers with an intense exchange of experiences, network with DJs from other countries, and access all updated content of the Masterclass with an exclusive space to contact the Sprout Music label.


This is what the D-Nox & Beckers Masterclass offers its students, at a special price of $217 or 3 installments of $83,00 in recurrent charges so your overall credit card limit is not affected.

Who is already a student of Masterclass 1.0 and wants access to all the activities, benefits and content of this new season, will have a 60% discount.


Just access the course platform at Hotmart, open the first module named "Upgrade New Season" and complete the payment to get immediate access.


To have access to all the new features and benefits of the new season you will need to invest the equivalent of $97.

The main payment methods available in your country will be accepted, such as credit card, paypal and other most common options in your region.


- Remember that the payment via credit card and PayPal gives you immediate access.

- Transfers and bank slips may take up to 48 hours after payment for the access to be released by the platform. 


If you face any difficulties or are unable to make the payment with the options available in your country, please contact our team via the chat that will be available in the right lower corner of the checkout page, and our team will be happy to help you.

To give you more peace of mind about your investment, we will give you an unconditional 7-day guarantee to test the course. If you don't like the content or the platform, we will refund you 100% of your money. In other words, it is a guaranteed purchase, nothing can go wrong and we assume all the risk.

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