T E A C H E S  P R O D U C I N G  A N D  T E C H N O


Under the A-class mentorship of the pioneers of melodic techno, this Masterclass consists of 32 classes, divided into eight modules, totaling more than six hours of tricks, secrets and tips shared by these two Beatport bestsellers.

All content was recorded in English and is subtitled in Portuguese, Spanish and German .

Frequently asked questions

About of course

How will the course be taught? What are the class schedules?

The MasterClass D-nox and Beckers is a course which is 100% online. It was produced by a professional German audio and video team. Initially recorded in English, translated into the following languages: Spanish, German, Portuguese and hosted on a specialized distance learning platform.

On this platform, the student will have exclusive access to all the content, where they can ask questions and watch any of the 32 classes at their own pace, being able to watch as many times as they want and at any time they want, simply connect through any device with connection to the Internet. 

Access to the course platform is for life, so you can attend classes as often as you like.

I'm a beginner, is it for me?

It does not matter if you are just starting out or if you already have advanced knowledge in music production, since one of the objectives of the course is to expand your knowledge of the best techniques and raise the level of your production in all areas, helping you to put yourself on the radar . from the world's leading record labels. The duo, who have more than 20 years of experience and countless awards around the world, will continue to share their views on the music business, inspiration and authenticity, among other topics related to music and the market.

This MasterClass teaches you in detail all the steps so that you create music from absolute zero, that is, regardless of the genre you produce or would like to produce, if you don't want to be just anymore a DJ who does more of the same, if you want your music to have a difference, have life and the quality to be accepted by the main record labels in the world, this course is for you.

Note: We did not teach how the tool works, but if you watch some tutorials on how to use Ableton Live, you will have at your disposal all the necessary structure to create a track from Absolute Zero using only a headset and a computer. And an interesting point is that Ableton Live has a 90-day free trial.

What are the bonuses?

For a long time, we believed that we should keep our secret under lock and key, since we never liked to share our tones, our percussions.

However, in this moment that we are living, we believe this can be a way of thanking the thousands of fans we have conquered around the world - and a way to leave an even greater legacy and discover new talents who will approach Sprout. Music.

And so, we will share with you in the form of bonuses, all our tones, percussions and melodies, which we have used for the last 20 years and even some Ableton Live presets with all the channels already configured so that you are prepared to produce a song. with D-nox & Beckers quality.

What will the course modules be?

1. Introduction
1.1 introduction

2 - Analysis and musical inspiration
2.1 - Musical analysis
2.2 - Inspirations

3 - Music business
3.1 - Music business

4 - Ableton Preparations
4.1 - Preferences
4.2 - Return channels
4.3 - Default channel
4.4 - Browser / Favorites
4.5 - Simpler default

5 - Production
5.1 - Kick.
5.2 - Low
5.3 - Atmo
5.4 - Arp
5.5 - HH
5.6 - Tom
5.7 - Key
5.8 - Cowbell
5.9 - Off Hat and Ride
5.10 - Lead
5.11 - Lead 2
5.12 - Melody
5.13 - Pad
5.14 - Snare
5.15 - FXFills

6 - Arrangement
6.1 - Preparations
6.2 - Introduction
6.3 - Basic layout
6.4 - Bridge

7 - Mastering
7.1 - Mastering

8 - Extras
8.1 - VST synthesizers we use
8.2 - VST plugins we use
8.3 – Clipping

9 - Live Class Recording
9.1 - First Live Class - D-Nox & Beckers
9.2 - Second Live Class - D-Nox & Beckers
9.3 - Third Live Class - D-Nox & Beckers
9.4 - Four Live Class - D-Nox & Beckers

How do I access the content?

At the end of your registration, you will receive access to the Dnox & Beckers MasterClass, by email and the content can be accessed through a computer, cell phone, tablet or any other digital device with Internet access.

After completing your registration, you can also access the product directly on the Hotmart page by clicking here:
01 - Log in by clicking "Enter"
02 - Access the side menu, click on "My account"
03 - Click on "My purchases"

In "My purchases" will be all the products that you have already bought through hotmart, including this MasterClass!

How do I ask questions in the course?

The first class of this MasterClass will have a special direct service with D-nox & Beckers, and for this we will have 2 forms of support for the student.

1) You will be able to raise all your doubts during 6 months of direct support on the course platform, being able to ask in the space dedicated to comments, below each class, since your questions will be answered periodically.

2) You will have access to the official student support email, where you can ask more specific questions or report problems with the platform.

You will also have access to the MasterClass channel on Telegram with D-Nox & Beckers, where we will inform you about the extra activities of the course.

Does the course issue a certificate?

Yes, at the end of the course, you will have a certificate signed by Dnox & Beckers and you can request it at the end of the course, to be sent to you by email

But I still have some doubts ...

Contact us at [email protected] and we will respond as soon as possible.

Prices and Payments

What is the investment value?

Get a chance to learn, get feedback and ask questions from two of the biggest and most experienced names in the house / techno scene, sign releases and get on the radar of one of the heaviest record labels in the genre and keep participating in a global community of producers, with intense exchange of experiences and networking with DJs from other countries.

This is what the Masterclass with D-nox & Beckers will give to it's students, having to make a one time investment of $197  $ 177 cash.

Payment Methods

The main forms of payment in your country will be accepted, if you choose to make the payment through WesterUnion or some other form of payment, contact us in the chat located in the lower right corner, in which our team will be happy to help you.

- Remembering that payment by credit card and paypal, access to the course content is immediate.
- Transfers and ticket, it has a time limit of up to 48 hours after payment to release access. 

7 day warranty

If you do not like the content, the platform or you just feel that it is not for you, you can request a full refund of your registration, within 7 days after receiving the content, which we will refund 100% of your money! !

Your satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. If you don't like it, you don't even have to say why, just click a button on the platform and request your full refund.